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The Omega Centenary From A Collector's PerspectiveEveryone to know a lttle bit about Omega replica watches knows the Constellation collection. Today, perhaps, it can be linked to the design characteristics of four "gold claws" and bi-coloured bracelets, but it was Omega's flaghsip collection in the 1950's and 1960's. I've even have said it before, nevertheless the Constellation may be the watch that started my interest in replica watches long ago. Around my family there is a number of these vintage Constellations so i inherited one from my grandfather, who bought it in 1969 and wore it for the next 42 years: every single day.The Omega Constellations, in particular the vintage models, are getting to be quite collectible, despite their small size. It's a perfect watch to start out a (vintage) collection as possible get them below $1000 USD in great condition. The solid gold models are a extra sought-after and, thus, higher priced. Furthermore, the cream from the crop Constellations are those Grand Luxe models with Reinhor brick bracelet. We did an in-depth article for the vintage Omega Constellation a while ago; always give it a read.Omega Centenary 1848 - 1948This article needs a deeper glance at the predecessors with the Constellation, the less familiar Centenary models. The Centenary was introduced in 1948, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Omega's establishment. Notably, the Omega Centenary was the company's first chronometer certified automatic wristwatch.He in charge of designing the Omega Centenary and Omega Seamaster, at 1948, was Rene Bannwart. He was head of the "creation" department at Omega in Biel through 1955. Then, when he was 40, he decided arrived to take the alternative and started his or her own brand, Corum.Omega Centenary ref. 2500, caliber 30.10mmThe original Centenary was produced in limited quantities (6000 as a whole, 2000 utilizing the caliber 28.10mm movement and 4000 utilizing the caliber 30.10mm). However, in line with Omega, the Centenary was really successful that they started developing a successor that could be manufactured in large volumes and be a set by itself. Bannwart seemed to be responsible when making the successive line, the Omega Constellation collection, that was brought to the market in 1952. The Constellations were introduced as a new line-up of replica watches with chronometer movements to get made in series.Basically there were two versions of the Centenary, the reference 2500 (approx 35.5mm diameter) along with the reference 2499 (approx. 33mm diameter). The reference 2499 model was, after its initial output of 2000 pieces, produced again later in higher numbers (5000 pieces) using a slightly upgraded movement.Unknown is unloved?Whilst the Constellation and Seamaster collections get this amazing following amongst watch collectors and enthusiasts, there is certainly little facts about the Omega Centenary replica watches. Several owners shared images of their Omega Centenary on various forums (like this one), and despite receiving a lots of "Oooohs" and "Aaaahs" the collecting community remains largely silent on these replica watches.Omega Centenary ref.2500Omega chose to introduce a couple of re-editions from the Centenary as heritage pieces inside the 'Museum Collection' of replica watches in 2004. 12 months later, they introduced a re-edition on the Omega Centenary and referred to it as Museum Collection #5 within this bigger collection to celebrate the Omega Museum's 20th anniversary. Now, though, it absolutely was fitted using a Co-Axial (caliber 2202) chronometer certified movement within a rose gold 36mm case. Only 1948 pieces were produced, but you can discover them available very easily. They fetch between 鈧?500 and 鈧?000 Euro. That's still more than the initial 1948 - 1952 Omega Centenary models cost about the pre-owned / vintage market. I discovered several originals available for sale last year on Chrono24 between 鈧?300 and 鈧?800 Euro.Since this doesn't differ very much from solid gold Constellations of some years later, my prediction could be that the Omega Centenary replica watches are just unknown pieces to many folks: and unknown is unloved.Why wouldn't you look for an Omega Centenary?For starters, fake rolex hong kong watches the Omega Centenary is a beautifully designed watch. It has those typical Omega lyre lugs and are avalable in solid gold only. The gold dials will be in two-tone and still have beautifully chosen diamond-shaped hour markers except for the Arabic '12' and '6'. A tiny sub-dial can be found at 6 o'clock for the seconds. fake rolex The gold applied Omega brand name and 'Omega Automatic Chronometre' are proudly shown within the dial and there's no reference to the model name 'Centenary'. How different are these from today's dress replica watches, that appear to possess a significant amount of text for the dial? Just as the later Constellation models, the Centenary also offers Dauphin hour and minute hands. A compact flat Omega signed crown finishes the elegant designed Centenary.Omega Centenary, caliber 30.10mm RA JUBTurn the watch around, and you really are checking out a compelling gold caseback engraved with "Omega Centenary". Get rid of the snap-on caseback and you have an incredible view of the gorgeous copped coloured, in-house, developed and produced Omega chronometer movement. The bumper rotor moves short distances before it hits the spring that may bounce it back. These bumper movements were also utilised in those first automatic Seamaster and Constellation timepieces. The 30.10mm caliber (that was the foundation for your later 331 caliber) have also been utilised in an Omega Tresor. Yes, this is the same model name that Omega revived this past year. Both caliber 28.10mm (which had been the idea for that later caliber 341) and 30.10mm were used in luxury versions ('RA JUB') for the chronometer certified Centenary models. Only later, another batch of 5000 Centenary reference 2499 replica watches was produced, using caliber 343. Caliber 343 scaled like the first 28.10mm caliber, but a different finish plus a new style of regulator. An incredibly detailed description in the movements utilised in the Centenary models is available here.Omega Constellation ref. 2853, caliber 505The Omega Centenary was produced in a fixed quantity, far less than the entire quantity of later Constellation models. True, the Constellation provides more choice as well as their 50x, 55x and 56x movements are believed some of the best that Omega ever made before the current in-house movements. However, a gold Omega Centenary is a superb value proposition as they can be found on the cheap than similar era solid gold Constellation models. Associated with to steer clear of over-polished Centenary cases and poor redials that happen to be often for sale rolex datejust blue watches .If you are able to source an Omega Centenary together with the original silver plate box and paper work, anticipate a payment a lot more than the earlier given estimates in the following paragraphs. A couple of photos of the full set can be viewed below, from Douglas Gravina on WatchUseek.Omega Centenary, complete package, image from D. GravinaOmega Centenary, complete package, image from D. GravinaOur friends from Quill & Pad published an interesting Centenary related article:Portion of Surprise: Omega's Constellation And Seamaster Specified By Rene Bannwart, Founder Of CorumMore Omega Centenary images below Omega Constellation ref. 2853, caliber 505 Omega Centenary ref.2500 Omega Constellation, ref. 2652SC Omega Centenary, caliber 30.10mm RA JUB